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Joint Accounts - Picking the Right Checking and Deposit Account

Choosing the right banking and checking offers can make one’s financial life operate more smoothly, especially if you don’t have joint accounts. On that path, there are a number of factors to consider.

You’re looking to establish a joint checking account. There are a range of bank account available and it worth your time to investigate and evaluate which is the best for your needs. You’ll want to evaluate the total account package to see if it is a perfect fit for you. Banks are extremely competitive for new both separate and joint accounts and will offer complimentary gifts of all kinds, free financial advice and other appealing incentives to new customers. New customers are the lifeblood of their institution.

If you are both responsible adults, you likely are accountable to yourselves, have distinct responsibilities and it makes sense not to have joint checking accounts, however a joint master savings account would make sense. In the long run it causes less arguments and wasted energy looking over the other’s purchases and payments. It’s just a matter of establishing a monthly budget as a way of distributing the master savings account allocations to make it function fairly and smoothly.

When it comes to purchasing checks, there are two ways to do it. Purchasing them through your bank or online. One caution though, try to order checks online don’t order checks from the bank. Only take the temporary personal checks that are offered. The reason is you’ll have better choices at half the price online.

Switching bank accounts is an easy enough process. However before switching, if you have a complaint with your current bank, you should make it known to them and see if a favorable resolution is possible. You’ll want to see if there is some provision for overdraft protection as well as paying attention to the interest rate offered for credit balances. Access to 24/7 online gives added accessibility.

Naturally, the proximity to your home location might be an issue. With the high cost of fuel, a branch that is within driving distance is of prime consideration along with an accessible drive through makes for added convenience. A friendly staff is another important consideration that can make your business life more pleasant.

ATM Machines

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) work as a delivery channel for bank transactions. Finding a large regional or nationwide bank will preclude you from incurring hefty ATM fees. Customers will not be levied a fee when using an ATM from the same banking facility that they do business with.

ATM machines work by customers having to insert their card in to the machine along with a personal identification or PIN number. These cards have a magnetic strip which has their security information imprinted so transactions can ensue.

Online Banking

considering the convenience of online banking, one can stretch their parameters to include a wider range of locations. Nevertheless, the convenience of local locations that couples online banking makes a lot of sense.

Online banking typically permits customer to interact 27/7 via phone and internet to transfer balances, receive automatic deposits and pay bills online with no additional fees. One doesn’t have to stand in line and wait for a teller to handle a transaction, besides, it’s paperless. Since there are hardly any transactions costs with online banking, there is little to no maintenance fee.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Does the branch have adequate safe deposit boxes? If you have valuables or important documents that you wish to keep in a safe place, you’ll want to know the size and cost of these deposit boxes. The bank may offer a free safe deposit box with certain size accounts.

You might want to store will, insurance policies, heirlooms, gold, expensive jewelry, even divorce decrees and marriage license. You’ll not want certain hard to replace or valuable personal items in the hands of a burglar. When you die, no one will have access to your safe deposit box unless designated in your will.

Credit Lines

Another consideration is the credit line that might be available. An unsecured personal bank loan offered by your bank may hold some weight. It generally has much lower interest rates than does a credit card. They can be used for almost any purpose. This might be financial option for quick funding down the line. This type of funding option can be valuable.

Credit lines can be base on the value of your home such as a home equity credit line. As such, one can use that equity for any purpose, even the purchase of an investment property.

A small business may also need access to funding to continue their concern as accounts receivable may get stretched out. The business may need cash on hand to make larger purchases that are too large for a credit card. Depending on the financial strength of the business, a lower interest rate when compared to that of credit card companies can be secured through the bank.

Credit Scores

A good credit score determines ultimately if you qualify for a loan. A favorable credit score and good cash flow will reduce the risk in the banks eyes and help ones chances securing a loan. Coming from a position of strength is to ones benefit. A good credit score ranges between 825 to a low of 650.

Credit scores measure credit worthiness based on payment history, current debt, duration of credit history and number of credit cards.

The payment history shows how quickly you pay and is part of your score. The balance on your credit card versus the limit is another factor. That ratio has a big impact and you want to keep that ratio no more than 30 percent to be safe.

If you are applying for lines of credit with other credit card companies that also is reflected and can be as much as 10% of your score. Credit inquires are recorded and noted on your credit report. Avoid sending many applications when you want your score high. Likewise, if you close a credit card that you’ve had for years even if you’ve paid off the balance, your credit score might drop. It pays to keep old credit cards around just in case you need them to boost your score.

You might ask who else looks at my credit score besides lenders. Actually many do. From employers in their hiring process, to landlords screening their tenants, utility companies scrutinizing whether they want you to put down a deposit, that 3-digit code counts. Even insurance companies use that score when assigning premiums. As you can see, this gauge of your current and past financial performance is prize information.

Rewards Programs

Reward payments by way of credit cards offered by your bank may be quite appealing. These are offered to lure customers in via cash back, rebate cards or points reward cards. Free insurance is often offered to protect one from credit card fraud. Redemption points may be hard to equate to. Also, be aware that reward points and cash rebates that are unredeemed at the end of the year will go to waste.

Bottom line, you want to find a competitive deal that is convenient to you. You’ll want an institution you can feel comfortable dealing with

Order Checks Online

When you’re running low or out of checks, you’ll want to order check online as opposed to purchasing them from your bank or branch. The prime reason is that you’ll be able to purchase them at half the price you’d pay at the bank.

There are hundreds of background designs to choose from instead of a dull, unexciting bank check. With the great choices available in styles and categories, you’ll find some design that more fully demonstrates our likes and part of your personality.

Besides ordering checks online being cheaper, shipping is faster. If you order checks from the bank, they will have to take time to place your order with a check printer company which takes additional time, sometimes weeks. By ordering direct online, you’re package can be shipped the same day because you are dealing direct. Encryption technology insures your transaction is handled securely.

Unless you have joint accounts, your separate checking accounts style of checks can be personalized with a design in a category that appeals to you. There are designs that feature sports teams, animals, music, fun careers, flowers, scenic, motorcycles and just about any category of interest.

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